What style for my dog's collar ?

Different kinds of materials are available : cotton, cork or fish leather. Scroll down to discover more about them and make your choice !

They feature a layer of cork sewn on top of a layer of beige cotton webbing. Cork is a resource coming from the bark of the cork oak tree. It's 100% sustainable as trees are not damaged by the harvest. It's original, soft to the touch, with some additional sparkling colors to it !

Many different fabrics are available in the "Cork collars" category of the shop over here and all are coming from Portugal !


Basic cotton collars are made out of a light cotton sewn with tissue stabilizer to provide sturdiness. The designs of this kind of cotton are created on our Nalax computer, then printed eco-friendly on fabric, making it possible to print ANYTHING if you happen to have a special request.

Collars can also be made out of handwoven cotton. These are coming from around the world (Guatemala, Peru, Thaïland,...). A layer of handwoven cotton is sewn on top of a layer of cotton webbing



These collars feature fish leather made from fish skin discarded from the food industry (non endangered species such as salmons). It takes many steps to tan the skin into leather, using renewable energy. The pattern of each skin is unique, highlighted by different colors, and as sturdy as cow leather. It is sewn on top of cotton webbing and the rest of the collar is made out of a self-designed cotton fabric.

You picked your favorite type of collar ? Great !

Now you can also decide which locking system you prefer (buckle versus Martingale) !


Collars with buckles are 1 inch wide (=25mm). If you would want a smaller width (16mm) or a bigger width (38mm), message me and I will see what can be done ! All the hardware is metallic, and they are adjustable around your dog's neck size. You can choose the color of the hardware : silver, gold (shiny or not) or black.

You need to measure your dog's neck size and write it down in the corresponding box.


You can choose the small loop to be fabric (1 inch or 1,5 inch wide = 25 or 38mm). Only silver metallic hardware available.

Martingale collars are made with two loops and the larger one has to be slipped onto the dog's neck. The lead is clipped onto the smaller one. The collar has to be adjusted so the larger loop measures exactly the dog's neck size. So, when walking without pulling, the collar will be comfortably loose, but if your dog pulls, the smaller loop will close, preventing any escape from the collar.


You can choose the small loop to be a silver metallic chain (1 inch wide = 25mm). Only silver metallic hardware available.

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